AML Policy

Purpose of Personal Data Collection

EKEBS GLOBAL LIMITED (hereinafter the "Company") shall be entitled to request confirmation of the Client's personal data for the purpose of identity verification. The Company's specialists have developed a proprietary system of verification to determine the Client's identity and protect the payment system for which personal data is required.

Cases of Identity Verification

Everyone who registers with goes through identity verification, which may take several days. Likewise, the Company may periodically send its clients requests for identity verification.

Purpose of Personal Data Verification

Criminal organizations need a regular inflow of funds and get money using a number of illegal methods. Such criminals and terrorists frequently steal the identities of individuals who have nothing to do with their crimes. That is why identity verification is so important to prevent crimes and terrorist acts. The Company's request for identity verification shall not mean that the Client is under any suspicion, and personal data received from the Client shall be stored in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

The Company shall cooperate with law enforcement and financial institutions to prevent money-laundering.

Every client must cooperate in order for the Company's anti-crime and anti-terrorism efforts to be successful.